Photographer, Videographer, Director of Photography

Portraits, Event, Street, Travel, Sports

Transportation Engineering and City Planning

"Protect your highlight and embrace your shadow."

When people ask me what kind of photographer I am, I usually answer with, "Well, I shoot a little bit of everything", which is very true! You name it: portraits, urban, landscape, action, aerial, travel...the list goes on! My goal is to not only deliver stunning images, but to also create, capture, and recreate a fun and memorable experience through the lens.

Aside from photography, I tell stories through videography. If a photograph captures the essence of an exact moment, then a video clip adds motion to that moment by combining each and every frame.

Favorite Photographers

Favorite YouTubers

Favorite Directors

Favorite Movies

Fan Ho, Annie Leibovitz

Sean Tucker, Mango Street, Parker Walbeck

Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve

Interstellar, Inception, Blade Runner 2049


Photography | Videography 

Bay Area, California, US

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